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V6.0-001 brings useful new enhancements

V6.0-001 brings a number of useful enhancements to GT.M. For example:

  • An environment variable to provide an initial value to $ETRAP at process startup, overriding the default $ZTRAP="B", which in the event of a buggy application error trap can drop the process to direct mode, undesirable behavior in production
  • Significantly speed-up a common type of indirection, of the form @x@(), where the subscripts vary with each invocation
  • For the symmetric cipher, demonstrating support in the encryption plugin for both libgcrypt and OpenSSL, and with the latter, a choice of AES CFB and Blowfish CFB as the cipher
  • On Linux, an option to use huge pages, for those applications that can benefit from a significant reduction in the use of virtual memory page tables
  • The new MUPIP SIZE command with a choice of techniques to rapidly estimate global variable size
  • For application code that uses, or may use, side-effects in ways where order of evaluation matters, an option to direct the compiler to generate object code with strict left to right evaluation, bypassing certain optimizations that can reorder evaluation
  • New functionality in utility programs, for example, the LOOP^%XCMD entryref to facilitate filters in GT.M, where one might otherwise use the UNIX awk utility
  • A new $ZWRITE() function to return a string with non-graphic characters represented in the $CHAR() format produced by the ZWRITE command

There are numerous other enhancements, improvements to ease of use and robustness, and bug fixes as detailed in therelease notes

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